Pictured here (left to right): USPS Postmaster General Jack Potter, PCI Group President and PCC Industry Member of the Year Chris Kropac Jr. and USPS Long Island District Manager and PCC District Manager of the Year Ken Hale.

Pictured here (left to right): USPS Postmaster General Jack Potter, PCI Group President and PCC Industry Member of the Year Chris Kropac Jr. and USPS Long Island District Manager and PCC District Manager of the Year Ken Hale.

Fort Mill, SC – Chris Kropac Jr., President of PCI Group Inc. (Fort Mill, SC), one of the nation’s lead­ing providers of rapid outbound direct mail services for collection agencies and debt buyers, has received one of the nation’s highest postal industry awards. He has been named the National Postal Customer Coun­cil™ (PCC®) PCC Industry Member of the Year. The award recognizes outstanding service and individual achievement. Kropac received the award from the nation’s highest U.S. Postal Service® (USPS) officer, Postmaster General John E. Potter, during National PCC Day in Washington, DC. Mr. Kropac is a resident of Lake Wylie, SC.

As Chief Executive Officer of PCI Group, Kropac has led his company to the forefront of the direct mail industry. While doing so, he has been a vigorous proponent within the PCC community. He currently serves as Long Island PCC Industry Co-Chair; a role through which he has contributed extensively to the develop­ment of various activities to strengthen relations between the USPS and its customers. As a strong advocate for his customers, he maintains a collaborative working relationship with members of the USPS and continu­ally strives to keep postal customers informed regarding important developments such as postage rate and procedural changes. Under his tenure, the Long Island PCC has expanded its membership and programming significantly.
In acknowledging their past Co-Chair Kropac’s recent award, the LI PCC noted in its current newsletter, “For over six years, Chris has been an enthusiastic motivator in the planning and facilitating of sessions and events sponsored by our organization. Chris is dedicated to staying updated with the latest industry and USPS information. With the economic troubles that occurred this past year, the Long Island mailing industry was fortunate to have the optimistic attitude that Chris conveyed. Because of his leadership, 2009 was one of the LI PCC’s strongest years in membership growth, education and networking opportunities.” The LI PCC also acknowledged Kropac’s LI PCC Co-Chair Kenneth Hale, USPS Long Island District Manager who received the National Postal Customer Council™ Award for PCC Leadership as District Manager of the Year.
At PCI Group, a company founded by Kropac’s father almost 40 years ago, Kropac too is leaving an indelible mark. Following in the entrepreneurial and innovative footsteps of Chris Kropac, Sr., he has introduced new, advanced technologies and methodologies which place PCI on the leading edge of his industry. Reflecting the company’s tagline, “Intelligent Solutions for Rapid Direct Mail,” Kropac has harnessed the power of technol­ogy to facilitate improved business processes, mail quality and security, information flow and economies.

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About PCI Group Inc.

PCI Group Inc. is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1970. The company provides comprehen­sive rapid outbound direct mail services to the collection and debt buying industry. A hallmark of its service in the company’s effective use of leading-edge technologies, from the Intelligent Mail Barcode to its proprietary processes including RapidCollect™, RapidInvoice™, RapidEntry™, RapidScrub™, webtrak™ and Pin­point™. These technological advancements deliver improved business processes; assure the highest standards of quality, data integrity and security; afford optimum economies; and provide customers with real time information through all stages of their mail’s production and handling at PCI. For more information about PCI Group and its “Intelligent Solutions for Rapid Direct Mail,” visit: www.pcigroup.com or call Anthony Faldetta, Vice President, Business Development, 803-578-7700.

About the PCC

The Postal Customer Council™ (PCC®) was established in 1962 to improve communications between the U.S. Postal Service® customers and managers. The organization has grown increasingly more important since the 1970s, when business mailing issues became its primary focus.
Today, there are more than 200 local Postal Customer Councils with approximately 120,000 members across the nation. Regular meetings, educational programs, mailer clinics, and seminars keep members abreast of the latest Postal Service™ developments. Members also work closely with local Post Office™ locations to make mail service more efficient, resulting in improved delivery with greater customer satisfaction.