PCI Group, headquartered in Ft. Mill, SC, as part of their continuing efforts to give back to the community, they have donated hardware technology to the Fort Mill History Museum.  The donation from PCI included a new iPad, multifunction printer, router and a check to the museum to acquire two new computers.

The donations from PCI, accelerated the museum’s plan to upgrade their technology.  “Thank you so much for your generosity in providing this much needed equipment to the museum. We are so grateful”, said Christia Humburg (FMHM Executive Director) and Rick Dammann, (Chair, Grant Processing Team Member, Property and Facilities Team).  The museum had planned to update its technology over the next two years but PCI’s donations allowed them to achieve their goal in less than two months.

The Fort Mill Museum of History held a brief ceremony on their premises to commemorate the occasion.  Pictured below are: David Ward from FMHM, Wanda Beckwith-Lee, David Rojas and Alisha Lewis from PCI Group and Christia Humburg and Rick Dammann from FMHM

Fort Mill History Museum