2020 Printing Impressions 350 transactional printPrinting Impressions published its PI-350 list of the largest print companies in America earlier this month. PCI Group, an industry leader in transactional print communications, made a significant jump in the rankings, moving from #103 in 2019 to #84 on this year’s list.

This kind of progress, without the benefit of an acquisition, is highly unusual and demonstrates the underlying strength of PCI’s business in the transactional print industry. While many other transactional print company’s revenues declined in 2020, as they dealt with the pandemic and other market conditions, PCI’s business remained strong.

Chris Kropac, PCI’s President, stated “our singular focus to deliver the most, secure, compliant, and accurate transactional print communications continue to be job 1 at PCI. All of our investments in technology, equipment, quality and our people are to fulfill this goal. In 2020, this focus led us to mail over 3 billion images, 417 million packages and 66 million checks.

As we celebrated our 50th year in business, more than ever, our customers know they can trust us to provide best-in-class transactional print communications, including outsourcing and business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, with a leading industry accuracy rating of 99.9999%.”