The culture and leadership of PCI Group are big-time supporters of the local community and giving back. They believe that if you’re part of the community, you need to contribute to it and hopefully make it better. President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac, in a conversation with York County CEO, opened up how his company seeks to make a difference. 

“We’re very involved in the community. My future employees will come from here, so supporting local schools and organizations is important,” Chris said.

That outreach takes many forms, from supporting youth sports teams to working with Junior Achievement to contributing to emergency housing funds. “This doesn’t drive business, but it drives awareness. I want to invest in the community. It’s not just coming to work every day. 

Community engagement matters and makes this a place people want to come to every day,” Chris explained.

The company also assists with free mailings for police, firefighters, and other groups. “If we can take some admin fees away and help them out, it’s worth it,” Chris added.

PCI Group has a strong commitment to building it a community for all and making the work environment as inclusive and supportive as possible.