PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac recently appeared on Impressions Xchange, a show hosted by Mark Michelson, Editor-in-Chief of Printing Impressions. The show brings together thought leaders and innovators in the print space. Chris and Mark discussed PCI Group’s markets and operations along with discussing transactional mail trends.

Chris explained PCI Group’s business model to start. “We’re in the transactional market, highly compliant. We have two sides of the business, print-ready and document composition. We’ve tripled the size of the business in the past few years.”

Mark asked about the impact of COVID-19 on the business. “We’re 100% dedicated to transactional. We had setbacks at first, but we picked up new clients looking to outsource,” Chris replied.

Much of the company’s growth is in part because of adopting inkjet technology. “We moved into the inkjet world to do multiple pages in color. With inkjet, we can do anything. We don’t have to say no to clients. We can even do tests that were too expensive previously,” Chris added.

Inkjet and employing roll to roll also makes every document customizable for transactional and transpromotional. “You can put taglines and banners on the sheets versus insets,” Chris remarked.

Mark also asked about the industry’s future and if electronic communication would impact it. “Email is a great medium, but studies show, and even with millennials, a relevant electronic communication tied with a mail piece can drive better responses. There’s always going to be a need for physical mail.”