PCI Group’s origins are in Long Island, New York, operating there since 1970. While the company was experiencing strong growth, there were limitations. PCI Group President and Co-Owner began to look at new locations for the business to spur greater expansion, reduce costs, and ensure longevity. 

“We worked with Charlotte Regional Partnership, and they provided us data and information to make our choice. We selected Lancaster County. The price of the building was one element but also the taxing and utilities. Lancaster County provided us incentives to come down.”

Thus in 2008, the company packed up its Long Island building and headed to Fort Mill. They were able to purchase their building from a customer. In New York, the company employed around 100 people, and they relocated 22 to their new home. “The rest we hired locally, which was about 60 people in the first three or four months. It was different from hiring in New York, and we had help from the county and state,” Chris explained. 

To support those new team members, Chris shared the PCI University concept. “When a new associate comes in, we have three days of classroom sessions. We go over benefits and the employee handbook but also the lingo, product information, and procedures. When they hit the floor on day four, they have a good understanding.”

Chris shared that the move in 2008 is a big part of the company’s continued success and growth. “We’re in a better spot now than we could have ever been in New York. We have great people working here, and a lot of new business is the result of being in the south.”