In the world of transactional mail, there’s no room for error. PCI Group, as a provider of mission-critical communications, leverages technology and processes to deliver accuracy. In a conversation with York County CEO, PCI Group President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac, explained how they do it. 

“We’re a technology shop that can print and mail. That’s the end product, which is important, but so is how we get there. The document has to be correct,” Chris said.

The accuracy isn’t just “nice to have.” It’s a requirement since the company works with many industries that must follow regulatory mandates on printed communication, such as debt collection agencies, healthcare, financial institutions, and others.

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, which the company boasts at 99.9999%, technology and processes are critical. “We have a proprietary workflow system. We build the letter out and maintain the templates. We print on full-color inkjet with a white paper factory approach. Then use advanced inserters to insert into the envelope, which reads the barcode on every sheet of paper,” Chris described. 

This commitment to optimizing processes to ensure compliance and accuracy has included substantial investment. Chris noted, “It’s not cheap. We’ve invested over $20 million in new equipment with about half a million to a million more each year for network, security, software, and maintenance.”

With advanced technology and proven workflows, PCI Group focuses on getting it right for their clients every time.