PCI Group
Ironclad Mission Critical Communication

Accuracy and security go hand in hand when it comes to mission-critical communications, even more so, when considering correspondence for the banking, financial services, healthcare and insurance industries. The primary method for these type of communications is still direct mail and these communications must adhere to certain specifications in order for them to be fully compliant with regulatory standards. PCI Group is one company that thoroughly understands the importance of this. With a legacy spanning over four decades, and a broad spectrum of certifications ranging from AICPA SOC I & II, HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS, and FISMA, PCI Group is a BFSI communications provider that ensures mission-critical communications are accurate and secure.

“The clear challenge being faced by many companies in banking, insurance, healthcare, utilities, and debt collection, to name a few, is that compliance is critical. Their communications must adhere to state and federal regulations,” said President and Co-Owner, Chris Kropac. Therefore, businesses in these industries need to make sure that the communications they send are legally compliant. PCI Group prints and manages the logistics of these communications to ensure they go out correctly.

TrakPCI, a web based platform provides customers a full account management system of their communications, enabling visibility to their information; seven days a week, 24 hours a day. From soft copy approval, to printing and insertion, all the way to the mailbox, customers can monitor the entire process.

Staying current with the latest technologies in security and compliance is also crucial to our success. For example, using a proprietary business rules engine, PCI controls and logs each step in the chain of custody, to ensure every step is systematically executed and recorded. This approach has allowed PCI to boast an industry leading accuracy rating of 99.9999%.

As experts in the field of mission-critical BFSI communications, PCI Group’s focuses is on mission critical, transactional mail. When customers outsource their direct mail correspondence to PCI, they gain more control than in house processing while reducing costs. Factoring in the additional level of security and accountability PCI Group provides, many customers have concluded that it makes much more sense to focus on their core business and turn over their mission critical communications to PCI.

PCI Group is in the mission critical transactional mail space to stay. Their focus on this market has helped them grow their business by 223% in revenue over the last three years. In December, 2017 they opened a new 43,000 square foot facility in Dallas to expand their capabilities and to better serve customers in the central and western regions of the United States. “Our singular focus has us on the path to grow by another 20 percent next year, furthering PCI Group’s mission to be the ‘premier mission-critical document provider in the industry,’” says Kropac.


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