auto insurance claims printing services

Auto insurers must print and mail many different kinds of correspondence to customers. One of the most complex is claims. These communications fall into the category of transactional print and mail, meaning there are regulatory rules to follow. They can be a considerable burden, but auto insurance claims printing is something you can outsource.

With this possibility comes many questions, and we’ve got answers below to help you make the best decision.

1. Is any print company able to produce auto insurance claims documents?

There are many types of commercial printers, and not all have the infrastructure or expertise to create claims documents that follow compliance. Others offer these services as a segment of their book of business. They aren’t innately inept but may not have the safeguards and advanced processes to ensure accuracy.

An organization that focuses only on this type of print is your best option. It’s all they do, so every workflow and activity integrates compliance, accuracy, security, and quality best practices.

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2. What are the benefits of outsourcing auto insurance claims printing?

You can experience many benefits from outsourcing. Expect that accuracy will improve as a result of sophisticated equipment that uses intelligent insertion to ensure all pages for the addressee go into the correct envelope. Companies that audit their accuracy are continuously improving, too.

You can also gain many cost savings. Transitioning from in-house operations removes expenses for overhead, labor, equipment, and technology. You’ll also benefit from the maximized cost savings that providers pass along to you with the best rates for materials and postage.

Compliance improvements are another advantage. Transactional print and mail companies operate under the highest standards and hold certifications in every area of compliance related to mailings for auto insurance claims. They have dedicated resources that concentrate on ensuring compliance standards are part of every process.

Another thing you gain is the ability to personalize claim documents. With the ability to dynamically print, you no longer need pre-printed templates or inserts. Specific messages about the claim, their account, and other products can all be custom to that addressee.


3. Will you lose control over the process by outsourcing?

Outsourcing should be a relationship between you and the provider. You rely on their expertise to improve auto claims printing, and they consistently deliver great results. You don’t lose control at all. Rather, you get a helping hand.

Visibility can improve with access to real-time information. Our trakPCI portal allows for this in many ways, including:

  • Real-time reporting on all aspects of production, from data receipt to delivery
  • Full disclosure of all critical account information
  • Full letter document process management
  • Letter change requests
  • Complete archived history of your letter changes processes
  • Bi-directional confirmation reports and PDF sample
  • Access to accounting data such as running postage totals, postage costs and invoice details
  • Customized reports

4. How challenging is it to transition from in-house printing to outsourcing?

The success of the transition depends greatly on your provider’s experience. They should have a proven framework of how to move your operations, including defined implementation steps. It should be a collaborative effort that minimizes disruption. Ask about their framework for transitioning and evaluate its thoroughness.


5. Will outsourcing increase or reduce risk?

One risk factor in auto insurance claims printing relates to compliance. You’ll reduce risk when partnering with a printer that only produces transactional documents. Every process and task takes regulations, security, and integrity seriously.

Another aspect is the risk of downtime from unplanned outages. The mitigator of this is having redundant operations that are geographically diverse. Thus, it’s an important consideration when assessing vendors. It can be the difference between on-time and late delivery.

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