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Banking statements are a key component of your print and mail operations. They deliver vital information to your customers regarding their accounts. If you haven’t reviewed the design and presentation of these lately, it’s worth the time. By updating and modernizing these, you can drive better engagement and ensure clarity. Let’s review best practices and look at example bank statement design ideas.

Does the Design of a Bank Statement Really Matter?

Bank statements are transactional documents. Their intent is to inform and advise. So, does it matter what they look like? The simple answer is YES. It’s hard to get the attention of the modern consumer. Stimuli and content are part of the 21st-century world, and bank statements are a vital customer touchpoint that gets their attention.

Most people review these to ensure they are accurate and complete. The layout of the information, whether consciously or subconsciously, impacts their view of your brand. When statements are in color, include charts, segment out specific information, and have consistent formatting, their impression of your business can improve. Your customers expect these things, and if you’re not delivering this experience, it may lead to churn.

Let’s look at some best practices for bank statement design.

Example Bank Statement Design Best Practices

Here are some recommendations for updating your bank statement design.

  • Simplicity is a good thing: A clean layout with white space is more pleasing to the eye. You can cut back on the complexity of the document by removing redundant fields and content.
  • Branding should be consistent: Your brand—logo, colors, font, etc.—is critical to your identity. All customer letters should align with it. Use your brand colors versus black and white.
  • Always consider how you want customers to respond or act: Different types of statements can provide various types of information, from summaries to compliance disclaimers to payment requests. Keep this in mind when designing.
  • Drawing eyes to important areas: If there are specific sections that you want receivers to see, put those in boxes, use bold font, or format with eye-catching color.
  • Legibility is essential: Some statements can be pages and pages, so you should also be thoughtful about font size. You don’t want someone to need a magnifying glass to read the document.

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Leveraging Bank Statements to Engage

engaging bank statement designAnother component of statement design is being able to include messaging and offers to cross-sell or upsell customers. Using these communications as a marketing channel is an excellent idea versus inserts that most ignore.

You may not be able to do this currently, but dynamic printing, which transactional print and mail companies offer, solves the problem. PCI Group enables this with the White Paper Factory (WPF) method, which marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion. As a result, statements can include variable communications to target specific customers. It’s personalization at scale. The WPF also reduces waste, strengthens compliance, and boosts accuracy.

With this capability, you could see better responses from customers to offers and a way to lift any other marketing you distribute to them.

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