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white paper factoryHigh-Speed Inkjet White Paper Factory Solution

White Paper In – Your Imagination Out

What is a White Paper Factory?
A White Paper Factory (WPF) solution transforms plain white paper and envelopes into colorful, powerful personalized customer communications. The white paper factory process eliminates preprinted forms and envelopes, streamlines the print and mail processes, and lowers operational and postage costs while adding greater value to each mail piece. White Paper in Your Imagination Out.

Business dictates that you never miss an opportunity to make a great impression with your customers. With PCI Group’s WPF operating environment, you can amplify your brand, deliver crisp, clear transactional messages like invoices and statements and also provide full color personalized marketing messages that enable you to upsell and cross-sell your company’s products and services. The WPF, is the most advanced production process for critical mail communications in the world. This production process marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion to deliver ultra-secure, highly accurate, variable data-generated communications.

In addition to the productivity and print efficiencies gained by this production method, the white paper factory eliminates labor intensive offline printing processes, the time and effort spent coordinating advance print runs, storage and obsolescence costs, and many of the errors that occur with less efficient methods of production.

This process gives us infinite possibilities to create personalized messages and graphics for each recipient, catered to their gender, age, interests, buying habits, and other demographics. Customer benefits include:

  • No Pre-Print or Inventory Costs

  • Reduced Labor and FTE Expenses

  • Eliminate Inventory Obsolescence

  • Less Return Mail and Greater Postage Discount

  • Lower Material Costs

  • Integrated Marketing Messages at No Additional Cost

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