As a transactional mail and mission-critical communication printer, PCI Group focuses on compliance and integrity. There’s no room for error in highly regulated industries. It requires sound processes and an integrity system that’s accurate for inserting. That emphasis on integrity and new opportunities required new equipment.

“PCI Group went through a transformation when the company had the opportunity to get into the healthcare space, and we grew by 200%. We had to up our game on the requirements of compliance,” Perry Fernandes, VP of Operations, said.

This evolution for the company put new parameters around integrity. The question was how to go from the old system of inserting to a white paper factory roll in and get it right. “The Epic was exactly what we wanted,” Perry added.

President and Co-Owner Chris Kropac said, “A breach is what keeps me up at night. If two documents get in the same envelope, that’s trouble.”

The Epic® inserter by BlueCrest (Pitney Bowes) offered peace of mind. The integrity system is top of the game. The technology ensures proper insertion from the roll and creates logs, as well.

“When the envelope comes off the machine, I have full confidence in its integrity,” Skip Pawul, EVP and Co-Owner, shared.

In a high-volume environment like ours, we have to trust that the machinery and technology we use allows us to rest easier. Skip also said, “It’s allowed us to transition from just #10 envelopes, and now those changeovers take only five to 10 minutes.”

Chris added, “We have a real partnership with BlueCrest (Pitney Bowes). We trust the solution and believe they have the best integrity system on the market.”