secure check printing and mailing

Ensuring secure check printing and mailing includes many components. It’s not just the check itself. You also need to ensure the security of the data when sent to your print and mail partner. Additionally, the mailing aspect also requires rigorous tracking so that every check goes into the correct envelope.

There are many security buckets within this function, print, data, and physical. For those companies outsourcing this function, you need to be confident your partner levels up with all three.

Print Security

Check printing is no longer an analog function, and it’s move to digital printing means that security looks different. It also means that you don’t have to pre-print documents, which is inherently risky.

However, security doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality or pace of production. Working with an organization like PCI Group, you’ll appreciate that we use full color at high speed.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Customized digital void pantograph (DVP) and authentication security features.
  • Digital verification grid (DVG) which validates that the document is not a copy.
  • Microprint signature line (MP) which uses micro-text for the signature line. If copied, the document would just show a dotted line.
  • HALO Feature to prevent counterfeits, as a decoder lens will confirm its authenticity.
  • Prismatic Print, which is the blending of two or more colors in the pantograph, which is near impossible to recreate.
  • Digitally printed security features that incorporate variable data.

Digital Print Security for Checks

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Data Security

The next area of security is that of the data you send to your print and mail company. With data security, there are also compliance mandates to follow around personal information. Overall, you’re looking for a provider with a substantial security posture.

With data security, you shouldn’t compromise. We offer these components as part of our system:

  • Firewall security and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): These elements block malicious attempts to enter a network and steal data. They are constantly monitoring the environment for any type of cyber-attack or attempt to spread malware.
  • Encryption of data while at rest and transit: You’ll be sending data to your vendor, so you want to ensure they use the safest transmissions protocols. For any time they retain your data, it should be encrypted.
  • User permission provisioning: Such a program only permits entry to files or databases to those that need it, which helps prevent unauthorized access.

Be Confident You’re Meeting Compliance Standards

With secure check printing and mailing, you’ll likely need to comply with regulations regarding data privacy. They may include compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

If an organization doesn’t have this certification, it’s a red flag. It’s more than just a general risk; it could be a significant liability. Investigate any possible providers regarding their compliance certifications, their processes, and if they’ve ever been in a breach situation.

Physical Security

There’s also the subject of physical security. You’ll want to know that only those employees with a permissible reason are allowed into print and mail operation zones.

Accuracy Is Hand in Hand with Secure Check Printing and Mailing

secure check printing and mailingYou may think that all secure check printing and mailing providers are the same, but there’s often a big difference in terms of technology. While most will offer full-color inkjet printing, what other technology do they have that puts you at ease? Here’s what we offer.

First, there’s the technology around insertion, as it supports the integrity of the operations. It accounts for all pieces in a job and has file-based processing capabilities, which tracks every piece. With such a record, you can have the assurance that the correct check goes in the right envelope every time.

Second, you should know about technology that enables the monitoring of jobs from the moment you send in the data until it reaches your customers’ mailboxes. By using the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), you can have full visibility of where the mail is and its delivery.

This can be helpful in many ways. For example, if your customer contacts you about a check, your agents could reliably say it’s in the mail by accessing a portal. Additionally, you might need such verification if customers dispute they received it.

Advanced technology is the best way to achieve the highest degree of accuracy.

Secure Check Printing and Mailing with PCI Group

Check printing and mailing operations are a core competency for PCI Group. Financial organizations trust us to complete these jobs every day. We do so with sophisticated technology, robust data and physical security, and meeting the compliance requirements of FISMA. Our dedication to accuracy led us to an industry-leading 99.9999%.

See why so many financial companies choose us to print and mail checks securely.