USPS Delivering For America Cover

The United States Postal Service announced its 10-Year Plan to achieve financial sustainability and service excellence last week. We know how important the services USPS provides to your business and ours, so we are publishing this communication to keep you informed.

Listed below are highlights of USPS’s plan.


  • Preserves affordable, six-day mail and expands seven-day package delivery
  • Generates $24 billion in net revenue in part from enhanced package delivery services for business customers, including same-day, one-day and two-day delivery offerings
  • Improves cash flow to allow for investment of $40 billion in workforce, new vehicles, improved Post Offices, technology improvements, and infrastructure upgrades
  • With congressional support accelerates move to an electric delivery vehicle fleet
  • Adjusts select delivery standards to improve efficiency and reliability
  • Enhances customer experience via new suite of consumer and small business tools
  • Stabilizes workforce with a goal of cutting non-career employee turnover in half, and creating more opportunity for growth including more predictable progression into career workforce
  • Aligns pricing to reflect market dynamics
  • Asks for bipartisan legislation in Congress to repeal the retiree health benefit pre-funding mandate and to maximize future retiree participation in Medicare

Download the overview of USPS’s plan entitled “Delivering for America” to learn more about the USPS 10-year plan.