optimize financial statements

Financial statements offer an opportunity to connect with your customers. They can bring much more value than just the numbers. With customer engagement being a priority for every business, you don’t want to miss a chance to delight them. The key is to optimize financial statements.

With the right design and layout, you can actually improve customer relationships. So, what’s the magic configuration? There’s no one answer. However, there are some best practices you should consider for your financial print and mail communications.

How to Optimize Financial Statements

First and foremost, your ability to optimize will depend on your capabilities and technology, whether you have an in-plant or outsource. If you have limitations, you may not reap the engagement you expect. Thus, that’s the first obstacle you may have to overcome.

Print in Color

Black and white will never elicit the engagement of color. When color is involved, our brains work differently to take in the information, which means we spend more time looking at it.

Color is powerful, but you still want to keep the design professional and purposeful with its palette. Using color allows you to break up information and highlight the essential parts that customers find helpful, such as balances, dates, and changes.

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If you want to grab their attention with personalized messages via dynamic printing, color is a good approach.

Some basic guidelines around color include:

  • Stick to your brand colors.
  • Use full-color logos.
  • Highlight important messaging with a color that catches the eye.
  • Break up parts of the statement with color to designate different content.

Personalize the Experience with Dynamic Messaging

Dynamic messaging is the most significant optimization aspect on statements. You no longer have to provide the same content to each customer. That’s because of the advanced technology currently available and the process called a white paper factory. White paper goes in, and each statement is printed based on the variable data in the file.

You can personalize so many things:

  • Cross-sell products the customer doesn’t currently use.
  • Create specific messages regarding their region if applicable.
  • Advertise specific promotions based on preferences.
  • Highlight local events your organization is hosting.

Modernize Your Statements

Adding color and dynamic messaging will still fall flat on engagement if your layout and design are dated. What typically makes statements appear old-school are things like:

  • Font choice and size.
  • Spacing in general or too little white space.
  • Low-resolution details.

Additionally, your statements should be consistent with your brand. If you rebranded with new colors, updated your logo, or anything else, you should update your communications, as well.

qr codes Financial StatementsMake Payment Information Easy to Find

Delivering a better financial statement could also result in more on-time payments. Consumers often find what they receive to be confusing. They also may be unaware of all the different ways to pay.

In your design, this information should be primary and could include elements like scannable QR codes. These could provide users the ability to land on a page that allows them to pay online securely.

You can also use cash barcodes. These are very popular for cash payers. They simply go to a retailer that takes payments, such as drug and convenience stores, and scan the barcode. They then complete the transaction with cash. Digital wallet integrations are another option, as consumers appreciate the convenience without having to download another app.

Better Design, Better Technology, Better Engagement

If you want to reach greater engagement with your customers, your financial statements may need a redesign. When you have a more optimized design, you can expect more interaction. However, you’ll need the right partner to streamline efforts and have the technology to scale this operation.