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The phrase “easy to do business with” is common in lots of industries. Every company certainly wants to have this designation. Successful businesses are customer-centric. They think about the pain points customers feel in current processes and want to ease those. They likely do that with the product or service. 

However, there’s more to it than that—onboarding, implementation, communication, improved processes, and more all impact whether a company is easy to do business with. That’s certainly a part of PCI Group’s philosophy, so we wanted to define what that means for our customers. 

Transitioning from an In-Plant to Outsourcing Print and Mail Is Stress-Free

Many of our customers once managed their own print and mail services. They choose to switch to outsourcing print and mail for various reasons—reduced costs, enhanced compliance and security, and improved accuracy.

No matter the reason, the transition can be a heavy lift. We make it as convenient as possible when onboarding new customers. Because we have standard processes for every aspect and workflows that cover every aspect, our customers are able to convert seamlessly. 

We try to think of every detail so that you don’t experience any disruptions or friction. Our rich experience in this area truly makes it stress-free for you.

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Advanced Technology Delivers Control 

Just because your outsourcing print and mail doesn’t mean you’re out of the loop. trackPCI allows you to monitor the status of every communication. This dashboard technology gives you full access to a web-based document management tracking system. You can monitor documents, track their delivery via the USPS. You can also schedule and control production jobs. With these features, you get full disclosure, searchable archives, and real-time reports. 

Support That’s Responsive and Accurate

Any provider that you partner with must support you to be easy to do business with. While we have self-service tools like trackPCI, we’re always available to assist our customers with any concern or challenge they encounter. Our job is to serve your needs, and you’ll feel that with our responsive and accurate customer service. 

Compliance and Security That Protects You

In transactional mail, you have compliance and security requirements. We don’t just meet them—we exceed them. We are compliant with all regulations: HIPAA, HITRUST, FISMA, SOCI & II, PCI DSS, and state data breach notification laws. We also have a full-time compliance officer that ensures adherence. 

On the security side, our policies include data and physical. We have rigid protocols that surpass print industry standards. Our API enables secure two-way data communication to streamline the process.

We understand the importance of data and physical security and remain vigilant to keep our customers safe. 

Added Services, So You Have One Provider

We’re much more than printers and a mailing house. With transactional mail as our core competency, we have specific features around compliance and security. We do even more for our clients, including business document design services. 

Improving your communication design can drive better engagement and outcomes. Since we use the white paper factory approach, we can dynamically print invoices, statements, or letters. Our experts are available to modernize your documents. 

Proud to Be Easy to Do Business With

While the landscape of transactional print and mail isn’t simple, that doesn’t mean your partnerships with providers and outsourcing your print and mail has to be complicated. With our decades of experience and being a champion of the customer’s voice, we demystify the field so that you get the services and solutions you need. 

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