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Payroll check printing can be a laborious and expensive task. Internally running all this can be a big time drain, no matter how sophisticated your operations. That’s why so many businesses choose to outsource payroll print and mail. If you want to reduce costs while not compromising quality or security, you’ll want to ask these specific questions to your payroll print provider.

1.   What Are Your Data Security Protocols?

It’s important to start with security. Payroll check printers must have numerous elements in place. You’ll be transferring data files to them to complete printing. As that data is personal and confidential, understand their process. Some of the most vital components for data security include:

  • Firewall security and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) block malicious attempts to enter a network and constantly monitor the digital environment.
  • Encryption of data while at rest and in transit.
  • User permission provisioning, which only permits entry to files or databases to those that need it.

2. What Security Features Do Checks Have?

Checking printing should include numerous safety features. At a minimum, look for:

  • Authentication security elements, including customized digital void pantograph (DVP).
  • Digital verification grids (DVG) to validate that the document is not a copy.
  • Microprint signature line (MP) that uses micro-text for the signature line. If copied, the document would just show a dotted line.
  • HALO feature to prevent counterfeits, as a decoder lens confirms its authenticity.
  • Prismatic print, which blends two or more colors in the pantograph, nearly impossible to replicate.
  • Digitally printed security features that incorporate variable data.

Beyond the questions about security, you’ll also want to ask about compliance.

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3. What Compliance Measures Are in Place for Payroll Check Printing?

Compliance goes hand in hand with security. Your payroll print provider must comply with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) regulations. Get clarity on that first. If any other regulations apply to your industry or state, check on those as well. A reputable transactional printer will be compliance experts and likely have a compliance officer on board.

4. How Do You Ensure Accuracy in Check Printing and Mailing?

When it comes to money, you want to mitigate the risk of mis-mailings as much as possible. After check printing, how does the right check get in the correct envelope? The best way to do this is to leverage technology.

High-tech insert solutions use barcodes and tiny cameras to verify that every document goes in the correct envelope. With this type of system, accuracy rates can hit 99.9999%.

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5. How Much Will I Save by Outsourcing Payroll Printing?

Security and compliance are priorities, but you also need the business case for outsourcing. Cost savings will certainly make that for you. You’ll eliminate equipment, space, and human costs when you work with a provider. In evaluating other ways to reduce expenses, focus on these areas:

  • Material costs: If the provider uses a white paper factory approach, they use large rolls of white paper, and that’s a cost saver. With a WPF you’ll also likely eliminate print inventory and waste
  • Postage: If checks mail out to individuals, you’ll get a better deal with a provider. They used advanced techniques and sorting to get the best rate for postage.
  • Direct costs associated with the process to compare to your budget now. This can give you a quantifiable savings number making the decision to outsource an easy one.

6. Are You Prepared for a Disaster or Disruption of Service?

Business continuity is another topic to broach with a payroll print provider. Paycheck delays can create angry employees and reputational harm. Redundancy in operations is necessary for your vendor. They should have parallel operations in two different areas. If something happens at location A, the other should be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Make sure they have this and other disaster recovery plans in place to keep production moving.

Payroll Print Provider Evaluations: Ask PCI Group

As a dedicated transaction printer, PCI Group has security, compliance, and redundancy at its core. In 2021, we produced over 85 million checks with an industry leading accuracy rating of 99.9999%. Learn more about check printing services and all the other mailings we can handle for you!