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Printing and mailing checks can be tedious work. It also must be an error-free work zone and be completely secure. That often requires steep investments in technology and processes. This literal cost center keeps rising in costs. As a result, you may be wondering if it’s time to outsource or change your vendor for check printing services.

In this post, we’ll review what check printing services are and the advantages of outsourcing this task.

What Are Check Printing Services?

Check printing services refers to a company printing and mailing any kind of checks from a business. In most cases, a transactional print and mail provider would perform the work. It includes much more than the check.

There are multiple security components that go into producing the check. Then those checks must be inserted into the right envelope to arrive in the correct recipient’s hands. As such, it’s a complex workflow that only the best print and mail company does right.

What Makes a Check Secure?

One of the most critical aspects of check printing is the security features. Digital printing is the norm for this type of project. It incorporates all the security attributes at high speed and in full color. Those should include:

  • Customizable digital void pantograph (DVP) and authentication.
  • Digital verification grid (DVG) to verify the document isn’t a copy.
  • Microprint signature line (MGL) to ensure no duplications.
  • HALO feature to prevent counterfeiting and enable a decoder lens to confirm authenticity.
  • Prismatic Print, a technique that blends two or more colors in the pantograph, nearly impossible to recreate.
  • Additional printed security that incorporates variable data.

Digital Print Security for Checks

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With all these elements, check printing is rigorously secure. Does your process currently include all these things? Do you have concerns about security, costs, and volume? Then check printing services could be the solution.

check printingShould You Use Check Printing Services?

If check printing and mailing is a drain on time, labor, and budgets, you can easily outsource this to a trusted partner. You’ll want to choose a company that specializes in financial document development. Your new provider will need to be robust on all types of security measures and compliance.

In addition to check security, you should evaluate printers based on their data and physical security. There are many layers to this, from encryption to intrusion prevention to limiting access to the area. On top of security, you’ll need to review their compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Another aspect to consider is trackability. Checks are highly valuable, sensitive mailings. As such, you want full transparency throughout the job and ensure delivery. By using the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), you’ll know where the check is and when it arrives.

Having this added functionality helps clear up any “lost in the mail” issues. It also provides a log of check mailings for audit purposes.

PCI Group Check Printing Services Meet the Mark

You can have more secure, efficient, and cost-effective check printing and mailing by partnering with PCI Group. Numerous companies depend on our team to print and mail a high volume of checks every day. With our advanced technology and security, you’ll find that outsourcing this function makes financial and operational sense.

Find out what to expect by contacting our team today.