patient notification of test results letter

Patient Notification of Test Results Letter

Healthcare is a changing industry. It’s become more consumer-focused, and this shift means that convenience is critical. On top of that, we’ve spent the last 18 months in a pandemic. Patients now want to use services like telehealth and at-home medical testing. The space has a variety of players—pharmacies, manufacturers, labs, insurers, and others. One thing they all have in common is the need to deliver healthcare communications about these tests.

In most situations, these communications will include PHI (personal healthcare information), which means they must be HIPAA-compliant. The print and mail process goes to another level. It’s no longer in the direct mail category but rather transactional mail. As this is likely not a core competency for you, outsourcing to a company that does this at scale delivers many benefits.

Many of today’s successful companies are moving away from staffing non-core business functions and shifting their resources to take advantage of what they do best—focusing on their business.

Consumers Are All-In on At-Home Medical Testing

The pandemic may have accelerated the at-home medical testing trend, but it was already in motion. At-home tests for the coronavirus are widely available, but they weren’t the first. Consumers were buying tests for STDs, vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, and fertility.

Taking samples doesn’t require you to visit a phlebotomist. Instead, you can send in saliva or hair samples from the convenience of your home. Users activate the tests online, send in their samples, and then receive the results via mail.

The assumption that these tests are in high demand isn’t just a hypothesis. There’s data to back it up. Several of the leaders in the space reported massive growth, including an 880% year-over-year growth for LetsGetChecked. Online sales of thyroid tests jumped 120% in only a month.

Another entrant into the market is colorectal cancer screening. Typically, patients would need an in-patient colonoscopy and patient prepping. Unfortunately, consumers are less than amiable to schedule this, and this type of screening saw a huge decline in 2020. However, colon cancer has a high fatality rate when not caught early. Multiple companies have a product available, and it’s quickly becoming a feasible alternative for some patients.

This demand will only grow, as will the healthcare communications required. Outsourcing is a smart move for companies that want to scale this out and still ensure compliance and accuracy.

What Can You Gain by Outsourcing Your At-Home Medical Testing Healthcare Communications?

medical test results letters

In looking at the benefits of outsourcing these communications, they are similar to those you gain with EOBs (explanation of benefits), statements, and other PHI-related correspondence. It has the same handling requirements. Here’s why it makes sense.

Compliance, Security, and Accuracy Are Built-In to the Process

HIPAA and HITRUST certified print and mail companies provide the most secure methods. They understand the importance of each piece of paper printed and inserted into an envelope. There is absolutely no room for error. They do this with advanced technology, including inkjet printers and sophisticated inserters. The process is also trackable from the time of its secure transfer to its delivery to the consumer.

Quality Is Consistent

Mission-critical print and mail providers deliver high-quality products. Using four-color is cost-effective and represents your brand. Even though the mail is transactional, it’s still critical for it to look appealing. Receivers are finding out vital information and expect that its presentation is professional.

Customizable Messaging Enables New Opportunities

If you sell one at-home medical test, then you probably have a collection of them. Why not add a promotion to your letters? It’s easy with a white paper factory approach. White paper goes in, and variable data feeds into the printer. You can align specific messaging at the individual level at scale.

For example, if a consumer buys a food sensitivity test, and their results show some concerns, you may advise them to take a subsequent test to find out more. Additionally, test kit manufacturers and the healthcare organizations they partner with could insert content on finding a physician, nutritionist, or other local clinicians.

Outsourcing Yields Cost Savings

Internally handling transactional print and mail is rarely a good thing for your budget. Since it’s not a core competency and you don’t have the volume of a professional printer, your costs will likely continue to rise. You have to consider the space, equipment, technology, machinery, labor, and more. You’ll also pay more for postage than a mail house, and that’s a cost that’s only heading upward.

A Better Way to Produce Healthcare Communications Awaits

At-home medical testing is a new segment of the healthcare industry. Its potential is vast, and the capabilities will only improve. For any company in the business, the area that’s not really in your wheelhouse is communicating results and information back to consumers. We can help.

We’re leaders in transactional mail, holding all the necessary certifications and using the most innovative technology. We serve the healthcare field every day, ensuring their print and mail are accurate and compliant. Find out more about how we solve healthcare communication challenges.