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Outsourcing is a business strategy many companies pursue in the name of savings. If something isn’t your core competency, it makes sense to transition it to experts. Outsourced printing and mailing services fit into this category.

By removing the cost, resource, and time restraints of transactional print and mail, your organization can realize so many savings benefits.

Inefficiency in In-Plants Creates Time Challenges

Operating an in-plant is a time-consuming process. Many tasks and activities in the workflow require substantial human labor, and bloated ones eat up productivity.

For example, in-house production may require pre-printed templates for the invoices, statements, or regulatory communications. Without the ability to print dynamically, your print and mail staff spend lots of time on extra print runs and change outs.

Another instance could be any manual work in the process. Without sophisticated equipment and technology, this is inevitable. Integrating automation into your system can be challenging without the right platforms and expertise.

Regulations and rules about required timeframes for transactional communications further complicate time investment. If deadlines are always close, you’re exercising more time on runs, which impacts any other work employees must complete.

The Time Savings of Outsourcing Print and Mail

The first category of savings revolves around time and efficiency. Outsourcing to experts delivers considerable time savings. For these businesses like PCI Group, print and mail is their core competency. We deliver time savings with:

  • Uniform, consistent processes that follow Lean Manufacturing standard works
  • The ability to dynamically print every communication at the same time using the White Paper Factory (WPF) framework, which marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion to deliver ultra-secure, highly accurate, variable data-generated documents
  • Strategically architected mailing process that uses automation at every point to ensure data integrity and quality mail delivery
  • Meeting compliance time requirements is not a challenge for transactional print and mail providers because that’s the sole focus with checks and balances throughout the jobs to ensure timely delivery

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save time outsourcing print and mailWith outsourced printing and mailing services, efficiency is achievable and sustainable. Streamlined workflows cut out the waste and get letters in the mail stream on time.

Running an In-Plant Is Expensive

The capital needed to run, maintain, and scale print and mail is considerable, and costs are rising. These expenses include:

  • Material costs: In this category are costs for paper, ink, and toner. Paper has the highest price tag. Most companies don’t have the volume necessary to receive the best rates. Print and mail companies do and often have special contracts with suppliers.
  • Equipment and technology: Inkjet printers, intelligent inserters, and technology to steer workflows and accuracy are huge capital expenditures in the seven-digit range. Additionally, there’s the cost to maintain and upgrade. Costs from physical servers on-site and software add to this expense category.
  • Labor: Skilled workers to operate your in-plant are another considerable cost. Because of the time factor in compliance communications, overtime may be a norm that increases this budget item.
  • Postage: Postage costs will increase again this year, and it’s hard for a single company to qualify for the best rates or take advantage of postage optimization strategies, including pre-sorting, commingling, address hygiene, and other volume discounts.
  • Overhead operational costs: The final area of costs is the infrastructure to run an in-plant, including rent, energy, utilities, and security.

You can realize significant cost savings by outsourcing.

The Cost Savings of Outsourced Print and Mail

All the expenses listed above will no longer apply. Your provider is responsible for all these costs and has strategic approaches to reducing them. The high volume enables better pricing for materials and postage. Facilities typically run 24/7, so there’s no overtime. All the overhead costs no longer exist, and they own the equipment and technology.

Transactional print and mail are now an operating expense that’s more consistent.

Achieve Cost and Time Savings with Outsourced Print and Mail Services

Cutting costs is part of business. Some benefit you more than others, and outsourcing print and mail delivers so much savings in terms of time and money. You can then take that and reinvest it into other parts of your company to fuel growth.

Make the decision to transition today with the support of our team. We’re experts at turning inefficiency and overspending into efficiency and savings. Contact us today to get started.