sell insurance products on monthly statements

Did you know that your policy holder communications can be a critical area for cross-selling and upselling? When you use dynamic printing capabilities, you can sell additional insurance products on the communications you’re already sending to customers. With this approach, you’ll save money and elicit better responses. Keep reading to find out how.

Dynamic Printing Enables Personalized Messages

Many insurance companies use inserts to promote products. They are typically generic and are easily tossed by customers when they open the envelope. Dynamic printing and using the White Paper Factory (WPF) method of printing turn your statement into a marketing communication.

PCI Group offers a wide range of services to help you track, schedule and control all of your production jobs giving you full transparency and control.

WPF manages every aspect of the production process. Digital files connect to in-line print production and intelligent insertion with 3D barcodes. Any type of variable data is available to print on that specific statement, enabling you to personalize messaging. So, for those customers that only subscribe to one product, they’ll receive information about your other options.

With full color, your statements will appear sleek and inviting. You can also change colors and images to correlate with a certain demographic. A modern design can also keep customers’ attention when they open their statements.

With dynamic printing, you can also track the performance of selling insurance products on statements. By using unique emails, phone numbers, or codes, you’ll be able to attribute a customer inquiry to this tactic.

A WPF Also Ensures Data Security and Accuracy

With insurance print and mail, you also have to be considerate of data security and accuracy. Mis-mailings and errors can cause issues regarding compliance. The WPF framework, with help from sensors and cameras, delivers each statement page to the correct envelope. It’s a fully trackable system that results in a 99.9999% accuracy.

increase sales insurance productsYou’ll Save Money, Too

Shifting to a WPF can deliver new revenue streams with promotions, but you’ll also save money on the printed item as well. The cost savings are the result of several efficiencies in the process. First, you’ll no longer need to pre-print templates, nor will you need to pay to store them as inventory. Second, you’re using fewer materials by eliminating the inserts. Third, statements and envelopes print together. Finally, you’ll likely reap postage savings, too.

Targeted Statement Messages Can Boost Sales

You have a much better chance to sell insurance products when you target your messaging. Your customers open these communications because they contain essential information. That may not be the case with purely promotional direct mail pieces. By redesigning your insurance communications, you can capture their attention in a place they’ll be looking. All it takes is one personalized message to get your current customers to become even more loyal ones.

So, how can you accomplish this? By working with the experts at PCI Group. All we do is transactional print and mail, using the WPF as our means to dynamically print messaging, ensure accuracy and compliance, and reduce costs.

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