patient statement communications

Patient statement communications are exploding in volume. Many factors are contributing to this. Not only is the world still dealing with a pandemic, but healthcare needs are on the rise as the population ages, and chronic diseases become more prevalent. Any healthcare provider or payer understands that this to be a significant part of operations.

However, you may face some roadblocks and challenges in managing the printing and mailing of these. Wouldn’t it be ideal to streamline and simplify this process while ensuring accuracy and compliance? You can when you outsource with a reliable transactional mail provider.

Many of today’s successful companies are moving away from staffing non-core business functions and shifting their resources to take advantage of what they do best—focusing on their business.

If You’re Operating an In-Plant, Efficiency Isn’t on Your Side

If you are responsible for the printing and mailing of all patient statement communications, then you’re likely aware of the inefficiencies. Since this isn’t a core competency, it may not be a priority for investment and improvement.

What typically causes issues are things like:

  • Pre-printing templates that require storage, which means more square footage.
  • Using older print and inserting technology that isn’t as fast, so it takes longer to complete runs.
  • Manual processes to ensure accuracy and compliance.

The only way to gain efficiency is to upgrade equipment and processes, which can be expensive.

If Your Patient Communications Are In-House, the Process Is Likely Complicated

Patient Statement Communications complicated workflowsCan you easily explain the workflows for your patient communications? While it is a multifaceted process, its overcomplication saddles healthcare organizations with extra costs and ineffective procedures.

There are numerous steps from data to mailed piece. It includes moving confidential data compliantly, printing, inserting, sorting, adding postage, posting, and delivery. There is room for error in every step. You also likely don’t have transparency into each phase through tracking technology. If a mistake occurs, you may only discover it once the patient receives the communication not meant for him or her.

When you work with a professional print and mail shop, you’ll experience processes that are lean, repeatable, and reliable. That’s all these companies do, so they must be as efficient and accurate as possible. They do this with advanced technology that allows for:

  • Variable data printing in full color.
  • Barcode scanning to ensure the right communication goes into the right envelope.
  • Tracking function that advises you where every letter is in the process.

Do Different Statements Require Different Runs?

Another barrier to streamlining and simplifying your patient statement communications is having to perform different print jobs for the type of statement. You likely have several kinds of statements based on the services, if it’s past due, or other factors. If you have to stop in between each, it’s impacting your productivity and how long it takes to get communications in the mail.

What’s great about outsourcing is working with a company that uses the White Paper Factory method. Rolls of white paper go in, and each statement can be unique and personalized. There are no shutdowns, so there are no delays.

Improve Patient Statement Communications

Beyond enhancing the process and accuracy, you can also improve communications for patients. Medical statements can be lengthy and include lots of specialized language that’s foreign to the average consumer. This confusion could lead to lots of calls to your customer service agents and a longer time to remit payment.

You don’t have to be in a “box” when it comes to statement design. With inkjet technology, you can use brand colors, divide the bill into segments that call out the most important information, and make them easier to read and understand. Again, with the ability to dynamically print, this is part of the process, not another step.

It’s Time to Streamline Patient Statement Communications and Simplify with PCI Group

Transactional mail is all we do, and we print thousands of patient statements every day for healthcare entities. Our regimented processes, adoption of technology, attention to detail, and exceptional adherence to compliance make us an ideal partner. Shifting to outsourcing can reduce your burden, save you money, and enhance the quality of your statements.

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