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How confident are you in your disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plans? Planned and unplanned downtime can disrupt operations in transactional print and mail. Since most of these are time-sensitive communications, you could face compliance violations or impacts to cash flow. Is there a better way to manage transactional printing costs associated with DR and BC?

By outsourcing disaster recovery, you can fortify your confidence in operating as needed to minimize delays. However, not all models for this are the same in the industry, and you should be aware of the potential high expenses that accompany these services.

Traditional DR Outsourcing Is Expensive

The standard approach to disaster recovery outsourcing is using “cold sites.” In this framework, you’ll pay a lot of money to activate them increasing your transactional printing costs. It’s also highly complex to streamline and achieve the goal of getting back to printing and mailing.

In the “cold site” model, printers aren’t familiar with your workflows or specific requirements. They have to implement your production process from the ground up quickly. Since it’s a rush, you can expect substantial fees. You also can’t be sure that accuracy, quality, and compliance will meet your expectations and needs.

Another concern is that these models typically only account for catastrophic event management. Those aren’t the only causes of downtime, creating gaps in your business continuity plan.

These limitations can lead to significant disruption to operations, leaving you exposed to negative consequences.

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If you are looking to streamline your print and mailing operations, partner with PCI Group to save! Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your current setup and cost of ownership, then present you with options to help optimize efficiency and reduce your current expenses.

business continuity transactional printKeeping Transactional Print Costs Down While Ensuring True Business Continuity

Realizing that the “cold site” framework has too many disadvantages, we created a new approach with PCI ACTIV dR.

This solution is much different than “cold sites.” It significantly reduces the risks associated with downtime by using a “hot site.” Business continuity is always “on,” as we produce a small segment of your work monthly. We rotate this throughout the year for all communications you print and mail. Our workflows mirror what you do with your in-house print and mail to preserve consistency.

By regularly producing mailings, we can quickly launch your jobs because we already have all the parameters and processes in place. It’s like flipping a switch; you can request it anytime. With this option, you don’t have to worry about the implications of delays. We can do test runs as well to ensure we have the most up-to-date templates and guidelines. It’s available for any type of downtime event.

It also keeps costs associated with business continuity low. There’s no annual fee, subscription cost, or declaration expense. Customers also appreciate that we have two redundant facilities. This operational structure allows us to print from either site, so you don’t have to be concerned about capacity. Should we face a disaster internally, the remaining plant can immediately take over any jobs.

Stop Paying High Disaster Recovery Transactional Printing Costs

Transactional printing costs for organizations continue to rise, impacting the feasibility of your in-plant. Finding ways to cut budget is hard with capital expenditures, labor, materials, equipment, and overhead. You can find relief by outsourcing disaster recovery, but it’s time to evolve from “cold sites.”

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