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Printing is an essential function for most companies. The way they choose to approach it is different. Many factors affect how you print and the many requirements associated with it, especially in the transactional print category. Since printing isn’t your business’ core competency, you may face quality, accuracy, compliance, security, and cost challenges. It could be the perfect time to consider managed print services.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services in the transactional mail world describe outsourcing all these printing needs to a provider. In doing so, you no longer have to maintain an in-plant for producing statements, letters, communications, and other documents containing confidential or personal information.

By moving these activities to a transactional printing company, you can realize many benefits. Let’s look at what those are.

Benefits of Transactional Managed Print Services

Migrating your transactional print to a expert partner can deliver a host of advantages, making this move one you should highly consider.

You’ll Save Money

Reducing costs is essential to any business. If you can cut these costs but not impact the quality or performance, then why not? Here’s where the savings happen:

  • No more expensive equipment required: The type of printers and inserters required for transaction mail are huge capital investments. You can take those off your balance sheet.
  • Reduction of energy bills: Running high-tech printers and equipment requires a lot of energy consumption, which you can eliminate.
  • Inventory costs are gone: Pre-printed material and the places to store it are no longer eating up your budget. The most advanced managed print services provider doesn’t need to pre-print, as they use digital printers that can dynamically print on each page.
  • Postage savings: When working with a professional printer, they are postage experts. They leverage all the best practices like address management and presort automation to achieve the lowest postage rates possible.
  • Labor costs: You can save on employee expenses in several ways. You won’t need labor to produce these, so you can reallocate them to other work. There’s no more overtime either.

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managed print services accuracyYou’ll Enjoy Better Accuracy and Quality

Printing is just printing, right? Not exactly. Not every machine provides the accuracy or quality required with transactional printing. It’s a highly sophisticated process fulfilled only by equipment designed for such.

Accuracy is non-negotiable with transactional pieces. The right piece needs to go into the right envelope every time. A standard inserter can’t give you this level of accuracy. Rather, managed print services companies use intelligent insertion equipment that use 2D barcodes and small cameras to verify the accuracy.

Quality matters, as well. When even one mis-mailed item can damage your reputation, lead to penalties and fines, the need to prioritize quality to eliminate this from happening is paramount. .

You Can Improve Compliance Adherence

Maintaining compliance with regulations regarding transaction mail is critical. Whether you’re bound by HIPAA, FISMA, or other statutes, you can’t leave this to chance. Managing compliance internally can be a challenge in many ways. It’s not something that’s easy to keep up with if that’s not your sole responsibility. Transactional printers are compliance experts and typically have a full-time compliance officer on staff.

You Can Have Assurance That Security Is Top of Mind

Data security is the key objective in meeting compliance requirements. That data needs to be secure in the digital and physical worlds. The data you’re transferring to printers and how they handle it should involve all the best cyber practices.

Transactional printers have rigid protocols for protecting data as they receive and use it. Further, they have strict rules on who can physically be in the spaces during printing.

Is Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

As you can see, lots of benefits come with managed print services. You also don’t need to worry about a loss in accuracy, quality, or security. With so much cost savings, it’s also a good fiscal move.

If you’re ready to find a partner, PCI Group is here to answer any questions about what we offer. Contact us today to learn more.