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Accounts Receivable Management Print and Mail Services

Print and Mail Solutions for the Collection & Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Industries

With PCI, you can take advantage of a single system for customized, PCI/ARM Compliant, debt collection letter design, printing and digital communications. Address maintenance, document processing, mailing, real-time account management, and archiving services are also included. Even better, all services are backed by a 24-hour processing guarantee and the most up-to-date verification of current addresses utilizing DPV (Delivery Point Bar Code), NCOA link, and AEC technology.

With PCI’s online account management system — trakPCI system, your collection operations team has access to intelligent workflow solutions for managing projects with mission-critical information, including 24/7/365 access to tracking, and real-time electronic alerts every time one of your secure direct mail letters is received.

Eliminate duplicate mail, wasted postage, and poorly timed telephone calls while boosting your probability of receiving payment. With PCI Group, every step of the journey is maximized for the greatest efficiency and highest debt collection letter response rate.

ARM Print and Mail Letter Design for Collection Industry
ARM Multi-Channel Print and Mail Communications for Collection Industry

Our Accounts Receivable Management compliant print and secure direct mail services can help your debt collection cycle increase revenue and reduce the cost of printing and mailing critical documents related to:

  • Debt Collection Letters

  • Adverse Action Letters
  • Privacy Notices

  • Credit Risk Disclosures

ARM Compliance and Regulation Print and Mail for Collection Industry
ARM Print and Mail Transparency for Collection Industry
We have used PCI Group as our communication provider for many years. In addition to their responsive customer service, we really like their online account management system, trakPCI.
As an account receivable management company, we use the data in trakPCI to tailor our outbound calls to consumers when they first receive our letters. This approach helps us alleviate consumer skepticism, enabling us to have more productive interactions with them during our calls. It also allows us to operate our business more effectively and efficiently. 

Jessica Hearn, CEO, Universal Fidelity, LP

There has never been a better time to take advantage of print and mail outsourcing to:

  • Drive Cost Savings

  • Decrease Risk Against Unplanned and Planned Business Disruptions

  • Increase Security and Compliance

  • Modernize Communication Channels

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Accurate Mission Critical Print and Mail Communications

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