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Did you know that most customers want to receive personalized messaging from companies they do business with? When they receive these, they are much more likely to engage. If you’re looking for another channel to implement personalized marketing, you should be using customized invoices. The catch is that these transactional documents must be produced under specific requirements.

With this limitation, you’ve probably dismissed this as an avenue to market to customers. The good news is that customized invoices are possible with the right transactional print and mail partner. These organizations have specialized production processes and equipment that deliver a unique message to every recipient as defined in your data files.

So, how does all this work?

Innovative White Paper Factory Production

The capability to create customized invoices is a direct result of a white paper factory (WPF). It’s a turnkey solution for transactional print and mail. It marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production and intelligent insertion to deliver ultra-secure, highly accurate, variable data-generated documents.

In the production facility, white rolls of paper feed into high-speed inkjet printers. All invoices print at the same time in the order of the data file. As a result, of using the entire ream, a WPF eliminates almost all waste. It also allows for the use of full color in any area.

What really makes them custom is the dynamic printing in a defined area of invoices. Based on how you segment and the type of products, you can use the space for upselling, cross-selling, important information, programs, and anything else of interest. You won’t need any pre-printed templates or inserts with a WPF.

With this transition, you may also need to redesign your invoices to accommodate the new functionality you have.

Invoice Redesigns to Emphasize and Feature

Another area of customization for invoices relates to how you present information. Is it easy to read and understand? Are there areas that are more important and need emphasis? Have you experimented with charts or graphs to advise customers of trends?

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These are all questions to answer when redesigning your invoice. You can work with an invoice print partner on this initiative. They have experience doing this for others and follow a list of best practices around color usage, font choices and sizes, how to use images effectively, and more great tips.

The revamp should also include designating the space for personalized messaging. Ensure it’s prominent and uses something to stand out, like color or lines. Lean on their expertise to create something that will be engaging to customers.

These benefits sound great for any business, and they are. What’s equally fantastic is that customized invoices are accurate, high-quality, and compliant when you work with a respected partner.

outsource invoice printingCustomized Invoices That Are Accurate, High-Quality, and Compliant

First and foremost, the invoices you send to customers have to be correct and adhere to any guidelines or regulations. You need the right invoice to always pair with the correct envelope and that all procedures follow compliance measures.

You don’t have to give up any of this security with a singularly focused transactional print company. Accuracy results from advanced inserting technology, standardized and audited processes, and barcode scanning.

Quality is consistent when companies use strategies like Lean Manufacturing that focus on creating repeatable, invariable processes. When teams audit these regularly, the consistency only improves.

Compliance in this area centers around matching rules and regulations to processes and SLAs (service level agreements) while ensuring you are documenting and verifying.

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