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Auto finance companies create and send many documents to their customers. Many of these are in the category of transactional print and mail because they contain confidential and sensitive information. For those auto insurance customer communications, there are more stringent requirements around compliance and security.

It can be overwhelming for companies that still handle these in-house, requiring lots of processes, equipment, and technology to support accuracy and compliance. Since it’s not a core competency, it can become expensive and time-consuming. You may feel like you can never get ahead, and it can be highly volatile.

If you’re in that position, you’ll want to review these reasons to let professionals take over this burden for you.

1. Improve Accuracy

One mis-mailing of auto insurance customer communications is one too many. The fallout from this can be compliance violations and loss of customer trust. The key to accuracy comes with processes and machinery. Transactional print and companies like PCI Group have this down to a science. We even created a proprietary method called LetterDNA.

LetterDNA involves intelligent insertion with 2D barcodes, the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb), and high-speed cameras to track documents from production to USPS delivery. Integrity cameras read each 2D barcode to check that each letter folds separately into the envelope. Another camera takes an image of the inserted envelope to validate the correct insertion. LetterDNA has resulted in our industry-leading accuracy rating of 99.9999%.

2. Enhance Quality

Along with accuracy is the ability to enhance quality. The perspective of transactional printers is a culture of quality assurance versus quality control. The former enables quality to be baked into every segment of the workflow. We do this by practicing Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. We’ve created over 270 standard works that guide every job across operators, shifts, and locations. It’s all about consistency, and we conduct 40,000 standard audits annually to keep quality at this level, with a passing grade of 99.89%.

As an auto insurance business, this detail of quality may not be attainable with restraints on labor and time. You certainly make this a priority, but we’ve operationalized it.

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auto insurance communications compliance3. Strengthen Compliance Adherence

Complying with regulations related to auto insurance customer communications is non-negotiable. You’re in a highly regulated business, so you know its importance. The reason why professionals can manage this better is because compliance is part of every mailing they produce. That’s true for us, as we singularly focus on this type of print and mail. We have a compliance team led by a compliance officer, and their sole job is to uphold every regulation.

You can also shift the liability of compliance-driven SLAs (service level agreements) to your outsourced partner. Events that can endanger this, like disasters that cause production to go offline, are less likely to occur. They have sophisticated business continuity and backup planning strategies. Additionally, redundant locations in geographically diverse areas further decrease this risk.

4. Spend Less

The costs of in-house printing and mailing are anything but small. You have machinery, equipment, technology, materials, overhead, postage, and labor. Reducing this is not plausible for most companies that aren’t print and mail organizations. You won’t be able to benefit from volume for materials or postage. The equipment and technology tally into the millions. Space costs and labor only continue to rise, as well.

Take advantage of outsourcing to eliminate all capital expenses. You then get to benefit from their discounts for materials and postage. The overall savings are substantial and allow you to reinvest that back into your business.

5. Drive More Customer Engagement

How engaged are your customers? Do they know about the products and programs you have? Upselling and cross-selling are ways to grow revenue with established customers, but getting their attention can be difficult.

They do, however, read their communications from you regarding their policies. These can be places to insert dynamic content, which is possible with the White Paper Factory (WPF) method. WPF production marries fully digitally composed files with in-line print production to create personalized communications. Every file can be different, with no need to change out rolls. The ability to print dynamically also removes the need for pre-printed templates.

It’s one more way to continue conversations with customers and drive them to learn more about the other ways you can service their insurance needs.

Optimize Auto Insurance Customer Communications with Our Expertise

We are transactional print and mail experts that produce over 3 billion images and mail 450 million packages each year, which equates to 1% of the nation’s transactional print. Our expertise ensures that the most streamlined processes deliver accurate, compliant, high-quality, and engaging communications. You’ll also have complete control over your jobs with our online account management system, trakPCI. Access real-time data for every run and track it from data receipt to USPS delivery.

Let our team handle your transactional print and mail and realize all these benefits. Contact us today for a consultation.

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