Cut Costs in 2023 with Mailing Services for Business

mailing services for business

While we live in a digital world, companies still print and mail a large volume of statements, invoices, and other documents. It’s a complex operational process that’s also expensive. As organizations look for ways to cut costs, mailing services for business is a leading way to do so. Find out how in this post.

Postage Fees Keep Climbing

Postage costs are part of the ecosystem of mailing expenses. While you may have significant volume and leverage cost-cutting measures, you may never realize a substantial decrease in this category. That’s because you’re not a postage expert. Transactional print and mail companies are.

As an expert, a provider uses a variety of tactics to get the best rate, including address management, Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) usage, and presort automation. Grouping like mail also provides savings, which is only possible with significant volume. With postage fees expected to increase in 2022 and beyond, you’ll enjoy a much better rate with mailing services for business.

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Print and Mail Are Labor Intensive

While equipment does the heavy lifting of printing, inserting, and stamping, the process still requires considerable labor. Those employees must have specific skillsets and knowledge, meaning the probability of higher wages. Additionally, you may not be able to recruit or retain these workers, which eats up more money.

Outsourcing to a provider removes this cost altogether. They have well-trained and experienced staff that provide high-quality services.

Equipment Is a Seven-Figure Investment

The high-tech equipment that enables a print and mail operation to be effective, accurate, and efficient is a significant investment. It requires capital dollars to purchase or lease it and additional dollars to maintain it and repair it. Is this really the best way to spend your money and resources? Since print and mail are not your core competency, the answer is likely no. Reallocating this money to revenue-generating activities will give you the best return.

Ink, Paper, and Materials Aren’t Cheap Either

If you’ve been following the news of material costs, you’re aware of the spikes. That’s been especially true for the paper market. In some cases, the product isn’t even available. These items are necessary for mail services, which could require you to pay well over market value.

This is another expense category you can eliminate with outsourcing. Professional print and mail companies have locked-in rates, allocation of materials and greater access to the product. No matter your company’s size, you probably have far less buying power than the outsource providers who provide these services as their primary business.

facility costsKeeping the Lights On and More Equates to More Dollars

Have you ever considered all the costs associated with the facility itself? Energy consumption is a big line item here. You’re using it for lighting, equipment, heating or cooling, and more. It may not be the biggest line item, but it’s there eating into your operational budget. On top of that, there’s the cost of the space and security measures.

If you outsource, you can either eliminate the space. Commercial space can often be a money pit, so it’s time to let it go. Alternatively, you could repurpose it for something you have a greater need for, like storage or workspace.

Mailing Services for Business Will Help You Drive Down Costs

To best understand the impact of outsourcing, you have the numbers and arguments before you. Now, it’s time to do the math. In the end, you can significantly reduce your expenses for these efforts. Additionally, partnering with PCI Group can improve your transactional mail’s accuracy, compliance, security, and quality.

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