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In the transactional mail world, knowing that delivery occurred is critical. These mailings are mission-critical and can include a variety of documents that must reach addressees. In some cases, to confirm delivery, you’ll need to use USPS Certified Mail.

In this post, we’ll provide an overview of certified mail and details on using it for transactional mail.

What Is Certified Mail?

Certified mail describes a class of mail where senders get a mailing “receipt” and electronic verification that delivery of a letter was successful or attempted. In addition, USPS keeps a record of delivery with the recipient’s signature for two years.

USPS Certified Mail Receipt Options

You have the option of an electronic delivery confirmation alone or in addition to a return receipt. The electronic notification comes via email and documents the date and time of delivery.

You can add the return receipt with a signature to the electronic notification. It provides the actual signature, delivery date, and address if different than that on the mailing. You can also determine if you want restricted delivery to the addressee only.

When Do You Need to Use USPS Certified Mail?

The nature of transactional mail requires certified mail at times due to delivery timeframe obligations. Other reasons to confirm delivery deal with ensuring that an addressee receives the communication as proof in legal processes.

USPS Certified Mail Solutions

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certified letters Some examples include:

  • Collection letters
  • Check mailing
  • Final notice
  • Other time-sensitive and urgent documents

While not all transactional mail needs to be certified, you may still send a high number of these. Doing this manually requires a lot of time, costs, and labor. Transactional mail companies have automated functionality to reduce all these.

How Does Certified Mail Work in an Automated Environment?

Our facility is high tech and high volume. That means our processes are efficient and use automation. When we prepare certified letters for our clients, each envelope has proof of mailing manifest, in-route letter tracking, and final electronic return receipt (ERR) for confirmation. No forms or stickers are necessary.

Through our online portal, you can track all your certified mail from the start. This transparency offers you a nearly real-time view of all your mailings. Such an optimized process also means that it’s fast and accurate versus handling such an endeavor on your own.

So, why use certified mail? Are there other benefits beyond confirmation?

More Benefits of USPS Certified Mail with a Transactional Printer

In addition to legal reasons why you’d need delivery confirmation, there are other advantages to using certified mail:

  • You can send to P.O. boxes, which can be very useful if that’s the only address of record.
  • It automatically creates a record for your archives that will be helpful in legal proceedings or compliance audits.
  • Accuracy of addressees improves when working with printers that use advanced insert technology. Our accuracy rating is 99.9999% as a result.
  • Robust security starts from when you send the data until it leaves the facility.
  • Reduces costs associated with certified mail with a company that has a large volume of work, making efficiencies of scale inherent.

USPS Certified Mail: Ensuring Delivery Every Time

Feel confident that intended parties receive mailings with certified mail. You can have full transparency of the process when working with PCI Group. With our dedication to accuracy, security, and compliance, you’ll appreciate how easy outsourcing can be. Contact us today to learn more.