Print and Mail Business Continuity

Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Hit In The Mouth

Several critical print and mail vendors talk about disaster recovery (DR) for their customers by emphasizing the disaster recovery “plan”. While there is no question that having a plan is vital to being prepared in the event of a disaster, the plan is table stakes. Too often, developing the plan is a “check-the-box” exercise [...]

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Business Continuity for Print Communications Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes grant you the opportunity to learn. But you don’t have to actually make the mistakes to learn from them. This is especially important in business continuity planning. If you correct the mistakes now, instead of when an actual disaster occurs, you’ll be better prepared. Having a business continuity plan for customer communications isn’t [...]

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Questions To Ask Your Business Continuity Print and Mail Company

And the Answers You’ll Want to Hear When partnering with a customer communications business continuity provider, there are lots of questions to ask. Beyond the basics of equipment and capacity, many other critical questions remain. And, what’s even more important than the questions are the answers you should expect. If you are unsure about [...]

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5 Things A Mail Business Continuity Plan Needs

No company wants to plan for a disaster; what they should plan for is business continuity. While disaster recovery and business continuity are used interchangeably, there is a difference. The focus of business continuity is about keeping operations uninterrupted. Interruptions could be from a variety of sources, not just disasters. There are also other [...]

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