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Outsourcing Print and Mail

Outsourcing print and mail operations is a growing trend as businesses focus on their own business core competencies.  PCI Group shares key lesson learned from the many outsourcing transitions they have implemented.

What are the challenges of transitioning In-Plant operations to an outsource provider?

Many companies in various industries still run in-plant operations related to their transactional print and mail. As a result, they have capital and operating expenses associated with production. Rising material, labor, and technology costs are making it cost prohibitive. To ease these burdens, organizations are transitioning from the in-plant model to outsourcing. In this episode of [...]

How have rising paper costs impacted in-plant budgets?

Paper costs have increased since 2020 due to the pandemic and supply chain issues. Leading paper suppliers are now producing less paper, and increased pricing remains a challenge for those companies that don’t purchase large volumes. As a result, there’s been a significant impact on in-plant budgets for materials. In this episode of Ask the Experts, [...]

How does outsourcing transactional communications reduce risk?

There is an inherent risk for any company that produces transactional communications, as these documents contain personal information. As a result, the production of these mailings must be accurate and in compliance with regulations. On this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group President and Owner Chris Kropac discussed how outsourcing transactional communications reduces risk. On [...]

Why should customers outsource their check printing to PCI Group?

When businesses decide to outsource check printing, they have many options. However, not every check printer has the same procedures and processes in place to do it accurately and securely. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Print Manager Eric Weinbrenner described why companies should outsource this function to PCI Group. “PCI Group is a white [...]

Why should businesses consider outsourcing their check printing?

Companies that print checks have a lot of expenses involved in their production. They also have many security obligations. As a result of these requirements, many choose to outsource check printing. So, what are the benefits that come with this decision? PCI Group Print Manager Eric Weinbrenner answered this question based on his many years of [...]

Why should customers consider outsourcing their transactional mail?

Regulations and guidelines highly regulate transactional mail. As a result, it requires a focus on compliance, accuracy, and quality. Many businesses still run these operations in-house, but outsourcing transactional mail has many benefits. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group president and owner Chris Kropac shared why organizations should consider outsourcing. Chris shared, “If [...]