Ask The Experts Video Series – Print and Mail Client Expectations

What benefits can customers expect to receive from working with a HIPAA-compliant printer?

For healthcare organizations, compliance with HIPAA is imperative in protecting data and avoiding fines. When these companies work with partners like a transactional print and mail company, they should only contract with a HIPAA-compliant printer. In this episode of Ask the Experts, Information Security and Compliance Officer Dwight Springthorpe defined the benefits [...]

Why is it important to have a dedicated CSR for a customer’s account?

Any business needs to have robust and responsive customer support. In the world of transactional print and mail, it’s even more critical, as these are regulated and mission-critical communications. Understanding the urgency and dynamic environment, PCI Group assigns each client a dedicated CSR (customer support representative). In this episode of Ask the [...]

Why is diagnosing a client’s mailing issue at the record level important?

In transactional print and mail, issue detection that’s real-time and identifiable is a critical factor for accuracy and compliance. Diagnosis of mailing issues should occur at the record level to ensure it's solvable at the source. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group’s Area VP, Solutions Partner Scott Concannon, discusses [...]

Why should customers consider outsourcing their transactional mail?

Regulations and guidelines highly regulate transactional mail. As a result, it requires a focus on compliance, accuracy, and quality. Many businesses still run these operations in-house, but outsourcing transactional mail has many benefits. In this episode of Ask the Experts, PCI Group president and owner Chris Kropac shared why organizations should consider [...]

What is PCI Group’s daily accountability process?

Does accountability matter in transactional print and mail production? The simple answer is yes, absolutely. Having an accountability process enables PCI Group to improve operations in many ways. Tim Lackey, Director of Operations, answers the question about our daily accountability process. “For accountability, we’re looking at metrics constantly to make sure that [...]