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In-House Printing vs. Outsource Printing for Transactional Mail: Pros and Cons

Any business that sends statements and documents to addressees, including personal or confidential information, has two choices. A company can handle this in-house or outsource it. In comparing in-house printing vs. outsource printing, each has pros and cons. Evaluating each option will reveal which is the best for your organization in terms of costs, accuracy, [...]

FAQs Heard from the Financial Industry on Outsourcing Compliant Print and Mail

The financial industry must deliver lots of customer communications containing sensitive information. As a result, this type of mail is transactional and subject to regulatory requirements. Many organizations no longer want to manage these expensive and tedious processes. More are considering outsourcing compliant print and mail. As with any change that impacts compliance, there are [...]

Print and Mail Services for Business: Transition from In-House Printing

Printing and mailing customer communications can be an expensive, time-consuming part of operations. When these are transactional in nature and contain sensitive information, the process becomes more complex. For those still running an in-house production, you should consider print and mail services for business. By transitioning, you’ll achieve many benefits relating to costs, accuracy, compliance, [...]

5 Reasons to Let Professionals Handle Your Auto Insurance Customer Communications

Auto finance companies create and send many documents to their customers. Many of these are in the category of transactional print and mail because they contain confidential and sensitive information. For those auto insurance customer communications, there are more stringent requirements around compliance and security. It can be overwhelming for companies that still handle these [...]

Will Outsourced Printing and Mailing Services Save You Time and Money?

Every cost in your company has an impact on revenue. In a time when cost-cutting and profit optimization are essential for a healthy business, you may not be aware of how some business functions affect your bottom line. In-housing printing of transactional mail is one such component. Outsourcing this to experts helps you protect your [...]

5 FAQs Answered on Auto Insurance Claims Printing Services

Auto insurers must print and mail many different kinds of correspondence to customers. One of the most complex is claims. These communications fall into the category of transactional print and mail, meaning there are regulatory rules to follow. They can be a considerable burden, but auto insurance claims printing is something you can outsource. [...]

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Will Outsourced Printing and Mailing Services Save You Time and Money?

Outsourcing is a business strategy many companies pursue in the name of savings. If something isn’t your core competency, it makes sense to transition it to experts. Outsourced printing and mailing services fit into this category. By removing the cost, resource, and time restraints of transactional print and mail, your organization can realize so [...]

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What Are the Reasons for Outsourcing Utility Bill Printing? Get Answers in this FAQ.

Organizations are constantly seeking ways to reduce costs and limit expenses. Utility companies must continuously manage their budgets while also delivering on customer expectations. One of your most important areas of interaction is the statements you send each month. They must be compliant, high quality, on time, and accurate. The ability to do this [...]

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What Businesses Need to Know About 2024 USPS Postage Fees

Every year, the USPS updates its rates and typically increases them. The Postal Service recently introduced its new prices, which, upon approval, would be effective on January 21, 2024. USPS postage fees constitute a significant expense for companies that send transactional mail, and lowering what you pay is often out of reach due to a [...]

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Which Transactional Print and Mail Services Will Save You Money?

As companies look to reduce costs across the enterprise, they often consider outsourcing non-core functions. Shifting work to companies specializing in an area has many savings advantages. One area that organizations should consider is transactional print and mail services. For any business that must deliver compliant, accurate communications to customers, you’re likely spending too [...]