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HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication Made Easy

For any healthcare industry business, you have many regulations to consider in operations. One of the most critical is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It provides the framework of standards for collecting, using, and sharing PHI (protected health information). Failure to do so can lead to fines, reputational harm, and other breaches-related [...]

USPS Certified Mail Options for Transactional Mail

In the transactional mail world, knowing that delivery occurred is critical. These mailings are mission-critical and can include a variety of documents that must reach addressees. In some cases, to confirm delivery, you’ll need to use USPS Certified Mail. In this post, we’ll provide an overview of certified mail and details on using it [...]

2023 Cybersecurity Risks: What to Know About Data Security and Your Vendors

Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic for any business. The threats are even greater for those who collect, store, share, and manage personal and confidential information. However, you still have to share that data with vendors that provide services for you. Unfortunately, they are often the weak link and the cause of breaches [...]

HIPAA Compliant Mail Service

HIPAA mail regulations dictate how healthcare organizations—insurers, providers, and related businesses—send communications. HIPAA mailing and postal mail rules clearly define the protocols you and your transactional mail provider must follow. There’s no room for error or noncompliance.So, what are the rules you need to know about for HIPAA compliant mail?HIPAA Compliant Mail Service and Postal [...]

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What Kind of Patient Communications Can You Outsource?

The healthcare industry generates a lot of letters, statements, and other documents for patients. As they contain personal information, all communications must comply with HIPAA and other regulations. Organizations have the option to outsource patient communications to a transactional print and mail company. Before you make any decisions, you’ll want to know what you [...]

Benefits of Working with a HIPAA Compliant Print and Mail Outsource Partner

For healthcare organizations, compliance to regulatory standards is always a priority.  Patient communications and data are no different and must adhere to HIPAA guidelines. For those organizations working with print and mail services, there’s no substitute for a HIPAA-compliant print and mail outsource partner. Your priorities are to determine if a provider has advanced [...]

No Surprises Act Impact

The No Surprises Act’s effective date is nearing. In 2022, health plans will see the volume of patient communications rise. The law requires insurers to send patients cost estimates before services.  The law’s intention is to provide transparency of costs to consumers. As with any regulation, there has to be a way to facilitate [...]

Advance EOB Printing Increases

EOBs (explanation of benefits) are standard patient communication. They typically come after the patient has a health appointment. However, new legislation called the No Surprises Act is about to change this workflow. The law requires advance EOBs as a way to not “surprise” patients before a medical treatment or procedure. For some health plans, that [...]

The Latest Data Hacks and Lessons Learned

Data hacks have become a constant threat for any company. Some industries are more prone to them than others. However, if you have data, especially if it’s sensitive and confidential, then you deal with these risks. It’s not only your data security protocols that matter. If you share your data with third parties, you [...]

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Patient Statement Communications

Patient statement communications are exploding in volume. Many factors are contributing to this. Not only is the world still dealing with a pandemic, but healthcare needs are on the rise as the population ages, and chronic diseases become more prevalent. Any healthcare provider or payer understands that this to be a significant part of operations. [...]